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History of the Juncker bicycle factory and the bicycle wholesaler Juncker Bike Parts

A publication of Historische Rijwielvereniging De Oude Fiets

Published in 2021

In November 2021, the great book about the Dutch bicycle factory Juncker was published. One of the oldest bicycle companies in the Netherlands. They were known for their beautiful and solid products, such as sports bicycles, beautiful cross frames and indestructible transport bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. The Jüncker family were first saddle makers, later they had a tire factory. In 1924 Juncker started making his own bicycles. The book of 192 pages, bound, soft cover and with hundreds of photos in colour and black and white, gives an overview from the very beginning, until the takeover of the factory by Gazelle in 1968. A unique piece of bicycle history that belongs to every cycling enthusiast and bicycle collector.

1. Het begin in Nederland
2. Juncker in Haarlem
3. Eerste jaren in Rotterdam
4. Start van de eigen rijwielfabrikage
5. Jaren dertig
6. Motorfietsen
7. Bedrijfsontwikkeling in de jaren dertig
8. Transportfietsen
9. Carriers
10. Het Juncker bedrijf na 1945
11. Woelige jaren zestig
12. Juncker rijwielen van 1940 tot 1971
13. De Juncker bromfiets
14. Balhoofdplaatsen en andere versieringen
15. Reclame en reclameboodschappen
16. W.J. Juncker & Co.

The book is new. Soft cover, 192 pages, Dutch text.

ISSN : 2210-2183


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