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MOTOR CYCLING MANUAL – 12TH EDITION, second impression


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MOTOR CYCLING MANUAL – 12TH EDITION, second impression

Little book with a lot of technical information.

Written in simple language by a team of experienced motorcyclists this well-known Manual answers most of the questions asked by the newcomer to motorcycling. Numerous explanatory drawings and diagrams enable even the least technical reader to follow without difficulty the advice and instructions given.

1. The Principles of the internal-combustion engine
2. The Four-stroke engine in detail
3. The Two-Stroke engine
4. Engine Types
5. Carburation
6. Lubrication
7. Transmission
8. The Frame and Forks
9. The Electrical Fittings
10. Wheels, brakes and tyres
11. The Sidecar Machine
12. Choosing a machine
13. Vetting a second-hand bargain
14. Use and Choice of Tools
15. Running-in a new machine
16. Maintenance – the engine
17. Maintenance – the fuel system
18. Maintenance – the electrical system
19. Maintenance – the transmission system
20. The wheels, brakes and cycle parts
21. Hints for the Autocycle owner
22. Roadcraft
23. The first year

The book is used. The name of a previous owner is written on the first page. Hard cover, 161 pages, English text.


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