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A practical manual on the construction and management of motor cycles

Written by a young motorcycle engineer for the layman in 1911 this profusely illustrated book is an absolute joy for anyone interested in the development, design and the maintenance of veteran motorcycles. A great piece of social history reproduced as a good quality hardback book for your enjoyment. Full of references to, or adverts for Chater Lea, Douglas, Montgomery, Triumph, Hobart, IVY, NSU, Peugeot, Rex, Premier, JAP, Scott, Arno, Norton, NSU, Motor Reve, BAT, FN, Wanderer, Zenith Motorcles, AMAC, B & B, JAP and Longuemare Carbs, Bosch Magnetos, Jones Speedo, Dunhill Acetylene Lights, Armstrong Triplex Three speed Gear.
‘To own a motorcycle is in effect to own a private locomotive, capable of transporting its rider up hill and down dale for long distances, with a rapidity impossible with any other class of vehicle of the same size and weight………’

1. The Engine : its working principle, the four-stroke cycle, valves and the means of operating them
2. the Engine (continued) : The two-stroke or “valveless” system
3. Twin- and Four-cylinder motor cycle engines (four-stroke system)
4. Constructional details of motor cycle engines
5. Compression
6. The Carburettor
7. The Ignition
8. The Transmission : Belt and chain drives, free engine clutches, and variable speed gears
9. Lubrication
10. The springing of motor cycles
11. Overhauling and tuning up the engine etc.
12. The machine as a whole – the selection and purchase of new and second-hand machines – driving hints – passenger motor cycles – the cost of motor cycling
13. Accessories and equipment
14. The law in relation to motor cycling

The book is new, hard cover, 264 pages, English text.


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