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Published in 1983

Annually the world’s motor cycle industry pours millions of pounds into the design, development and manufacture of competition motor cycles – and millions more paying top riders to get the best out of them.
The aim is to build race winners – machines that are superior to any others in their class. For winning races not only proves that a certain factory has managed to produce the best machine in a particular competition – it also generates publicity which the factory hopes will lead to increased sales of their bread-and-butter road machines.
In this book Motor Cycle editor Mick Woollett, who reported the Grand Prix and international Motor Cross meetings for over 20 years, takes a technical look at the current crop of top road racing, moto cross and drag racing machines.

Lightweights and lighter bikes :
Armstrong CM 36 – Bartol WMB 250 and 350 – Garelli 125 – Kawasaki 250 and 350 – Kreidler 50 Van Veen – Morbidelli 125 – Waddon Ehrlich 250 – Yamaha TZ250
Five Hundred Plus :
Ducati 600 Pantah – Elf E – Honda Superbike – Honda FWS Vee-Four – Honda NR500 – Honda NS500 – Kawasaki KR 500 – Kawasaki Endurance – Suzuki RG500 Gamma – Suzuki Formula One – Yamaha YZR500 Square-Four – Yamaha OW61
Moto Cross :
Honda RC500M – Husqvarna 500 CR – KTM 495MC – Kawasaki KX500 – Maico MC490 – Suzuki RN82 – Yamaha YZ49K
Dragsters : Yamaha Dragster – Kawasaki Dragster

The book has been used, but it is in a good condition. However, on the first page is a sticker with the name of a previous owner. Soft cover, 64 pages, English text.

ISBN : 0 7134 1294 1


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