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Through the first few decades of the twentieth century the Excelsior Motor Mfg. and Supply Company was one of the three largest motorcycle manufacturers in the United States. They contested second place behind the dominate brand, Indian, in the teens, and were the third largest until ceasing production during the Depression. Although their commitment to racing waxed and waned, they were prominent in several forms of competition over the years right up to the end. The factory counted on a large portion of the sales to law enforcement, especially with their four cylinder models. Their styling always led their competitors, setting trends that would last for years, and their products were always of the best quality.

Ignaz Schwinn always been identified with Excelsior and Henderson motorcycles. Although he was neither the founder nor the originator of the Excelsior motorcycle. Frederick Carlton Robie (1879-1962) was the “father of the Excelsior Motorcycles” of Excelsior, together with George Meiser the designer of the Excelsior Motorcycle. With the Excelsior Supply Company they introduced the Excelsior to the American Market. Never the less Ignaz Schwinn, along with his son Frank, played the major role in shaping Excelsior motorcycle history.

The history of Excelsior has never been thoroughly covered by motorcycle historians; the accounts in the standard works are generally cursory and inaccurate. The first efforts to remedy this situation came in 2007, a hundred years after the machines were first sold. That was a German work, American- X, by myself, Thomas Bund. Many people asked for an English version – now it is available after nearly 110 years with much more information which was not available before. The effort took 30 years of collecting. Included in the book are approx. 1000 images plus 300 A4 pages of text.

Only a limited number of a few hundred books are available!

1. Excelsior supply company
2. Arnold, Schwinn & Company
3. The Schwinn era – Excelsior Motor Mfg. & Supply Co.
4. 1908 to 1914 – Competion
5. Schwinn’s new models
6. A trip through the Excelsior factory
7. Henderson Motorcycle Company
8. Expansion and wartime
9. Into the roaring twenties
10. 1915 to 1924 – Competition
11. A new direction
12. 1925 to 1931 – Competition
13. 1931 – The end of Excelsior
14. 1993 – Excelsior-Henderson revival

Het boek is nieuw, harde kaft, 448 pagina’s, Engelse tekst.

ISBN 978-3-00-050680-2


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