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In this book, Mr. L.R. Higgins gives, from his own personal knowledge, first-hand impressions, not only of the difficulties to be overcome, but also of the skill and dauntless courage of those participating in motorcycle racing of the present day.
From modest beginnings Mr. Higgins has gradually acquired faster machines and has taken part in the great races at Donington, Isle of Man and Belfast as a private owner, carrying out his own repairs and paying his own expenses.

1. Grass track racing
2. An introduction to Donington
3. Donington
4. The world’s fastest road race
5. Return to Ulster
6. The Brooklands Grand Prix
7. Interlude
8. 1938 The Junior TT
9. 1938 Ulster Grand Prix
10. 1938 Dunlop’s jubilee
11. 1939 Two Donington meetings
12. 1939 Junior TT
13. 1939 August Bank Holiday
1 4. 1939 Ulster Grand Prix
15. September morn
16. Six years later
17. Appointment at dawn
18. 1947 The first post-war TT
19. 1947 The lightweight TT
20. 1947 The Senior TT
21. 1947 The Clubman’s TT
22. 1947 The Ulster Grand Prix
23. Reflections

The book is used, but it is in good condition. However, the paper cover is missing. Hard cover, 176 pages, English text.


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